Sunday, 25 December 2016

5 Tips for choosing the right granite colour for your home

5 Tips for choosing the right granite colour for your home

Granite is a popular building material; it can withstand heat, weight, water. Granite has unique patterns, ultimate durability and commonly used by homeowners for modern kitchen countertops.
Considering the right granite for your home kitchen is an important decision. Since granite comes in great varieties of colour sometimes it is difficult to find out the right one. Do not be alarm here we got a few simple tips to help you select the right granite for your home.

1. Customizing Light

Choose a colour depending on your surrounding elements. If your space is little dark then select granite that colour is light and bright. Since you're spending money so need to be careful, if you want to consider the benefit of using contrast colour by not wasting it. Dark colour like black and blue look best in a kitchen.

2. Trends

Follow up a magazine or online sites, you can get the ideas, designs, styles, or by simply watching television. Collect all the important details and ideas about interior designs which are done by professional designers. Consider the overall theme of your home to make sure your new kitchen fits in.

3. Samples

If you’re not convenient to home online shopping, just check out personally in some showrooms. It is important to have samples for your kitchen. So if samples are available you can take a few back home, test them out by covering your existing countertops by placing the samples. By doing so, you will be able to find out the exact balance and colour for your surrounding elements.

4. Considering styles and colour

Especially cotton white granite and black granite is popularly used for modern home. Every piece of granite is truly unique and there are not exactly alike. Just make sure that you choose the colours and designs that it blends well with your entire space.

5. Materials

The countertops you choose should look good and balance with your other surrounding elements like the colour of the cabinet or the paint in the kitchen. So take a sample of your appliances or if you don’t have a sample then take some picture with you.

However, granite is a bit expensive, but granite lasts for a very long time. Hopefully, now you know better how to choose the right granite for your home. By following our easy tips we are sure you will find exactly the right granite for your home and enjoy for a lifetime with your family and friends.

In case, you are still confused about which granite to use in your home, simply talk to experts at and we shall be happy to assist you further. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Everything you want to know about Italian Marble

Everything You Want to Know about Italian Marble

Italian Marble is basically originated from Italy. Carrara is a place in Italy known as marble and granite capital of the world. The most popular variety is white Carrara, which is extracted in the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy. It is very popular around the world. China and India are the biggest markets for Italian raw stone material.

The Italian marble is widely popular for high luster and appearance appeal to the area and produces unique cream colour, white and pink. Italian marble is extremely good quality stone. It is available in various sizes, designs, and patterns and highly demanded in offices, multinational companies, schools, hotels, and other industries because of their glamorous appearance. Long lasting luster, durability and wear resistance are it's other prominent features.

Difference between Indian marble and Italian Marble

Have you ever wondered and have difficulties choosing between Indian marble and Italian marble. Well, let’s find out the differences below.

Indian Marble

Indian marble is quarried in the northern part of India making it great effective and available in all variety patterns, designs and styles. Different prices and qualities are available in the market, thanks to resources fields, modern machine, equipment and tools which helps producing and serving across India.  Indian marble comes in different of colours such as pink, black white, green. Some of the well-known marbles are-

- Makrana Marble - The finest and oldest known marble which is famously used in the Taj Mahal
- Ambaji Marble - The natural high-quality Ambaji white marble, is the pride of India

Italian Marble

Italian Marble is quarried in a place called Carrara in Italy. Italian marble stones are excellent for making sculptures because of its white pureness and crystal-like appearance and are available in the same colour range. Now, in India it is also been started using as an imported marble, the pricing is high while comparing to Indian marble.

Here are some of the famous Italian Marble:
  • Emporio Marble
  • Botticino Marble
  • Diana Marble
  • Serpeggiante Marble
  • Red Verona Marble
  • Italian Travertine
  • Perlato Sicilia Marble
Advantages of using Italian Marbles

1. Italian marble is free from allergens and heat resistant, cleaning and maintenance are simple.
2. The durability is longer than other stone tiles it can withstand possibly all kinds of heavy material and substances.
3. It gives natural high classy looks and appearance which make the room extra bright.
4. Italian marble can be use anywhere countertops kitchen, bathroom, dining room bedroom it offers limitless design option.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ambaji Marble Flooring : Why it’s high on demand in India?

Ambaji Marble Flooring: Why it’s High on Demand in India?

Ambaji white marble is the finest and purest in the world. It also called as Amba white. Ambaji white marble is famous for its best quality, appearance, unique design, smoothness, and color. Unlike many others marble, Ambaji marble is a pure natural product. Ambaji marble because of its looks and fine quality is serving across the world and widely use for residential and other projects. For ages, people have used this stone of wonder to decorate their floor into marble masterpiece.

ambaji white marble

Ambaji Marble Flooring - Why it is so popular ?

India has major resources of marble and granite sandstone. Rajasthan is the major producer of marble in India. Ambaji white marble is high on demand not only in India but internationally too serving the very best to the foreign countries. Due to its natural properties and attractive look, it is used in many ways for flooring, design, wall capping, bordering and other purposes.

With Ambaji white marble, one can customize the order beautiful design, styles and color. Ambaji white marble can be used for interior and exteriors of bungalows for providing graceful looks, splendid appearances, amazing fit it in every design and styles.

It can also be placed in dinning halls, kitchen, store room, parking, common room, pool, and stairs. The best of all is flooring because it gives amazing finishing and looks very attractive and beautiful. Being a natural marble, it provides beautiful patterns and mesmerizing designs.

Advantages of Ambaji Marble Flooring

1. Ambaji Marble is well known for its natural beauty and famous for all types of flooring, home, offices, hall, etc.

2. Ambaji marble flooring can complete all your desires of your dream home. It is extremely good and gives luxurious feel making the attractiveness of the floor overflow.

3. Ambaji marble flooring is durable and is very long lasting. One time flooring can go many decades. It can also be re-polished to maintain the classy look and luxury.

4. Unlike carpeting, it is scratch free and water resistant. Because of its smoothness is easy to clean and also gives the shining effect.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

5 Tips to Consider For Granite Flooring in India

5 Tips to Consider For Granite Flooring in India

Granite is a light-colored and the best-known igneous rock. Many people recognize igneous rock because it is the most common rock found at earth’s surface and used all around the world to make many object in daily life include counter tops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and cemetery monuments.

granite flooring in india

Despite many other objects, Granite is best known for flooring that gives a luxurious look after finishing both interiors and exteriors. Here are the five tips which you will find easy considering it for flooring in house or office.

1. Determining Granite Quality

The first and the most importing is to check the visual appearance, take a quick inspect check whether there are no uneven surface and crack, even minor can lead to a bigger one. 
Thickness is also another important factor because Granite that has more thickness is considered as a better quality. Also, check that whether the granite will be of long lasting or not after frequent used, try scratch with a sharp object and if it leaves scratch than it is considered as the polishing done is of poor quality.  

2. Considering the right Shape and size

There are tons of varieties of tiles in the market. Offer luxurious and stylish look. Select what suit the best at your home. Figure out the size of the tiles, using of bigger size tiles will make the room looks wider. Pre- place the granite tiles in your room and observe first. It is better to choose minimum thickness because it is perfect for flooring and chose the tiles that are of small in size and of square shape.

3. Opt for right Color

Granite because of mineral composition produce different color; red, pink, gray or white color gives glamorous looks. Buy the most stylist tiles to make your flooring look attractive, grab attention from people and also buy modern flooring tile that suit with the wall color. Tiles with dark color always give good contrast and look brighter.

4. Maintenance

After granite flooring, it required lots of maintenance to make it still shine and bright for making it last long for many years, so to make it less effort choose your flooring based on how much effort you are able to give to maintaining it. The maintenance of granite flooring is not an easy task and also expensive if it is done by a professional.

5. Finalize budget

There is a reason why people did not go for granite flooring but it can be solved. Before buying, keep your mind clear and first decide carefully, visit the market and study different prices, seek for consultancy to get a reasonable price for your limited budget.   

The above five tips should definitely help in choosing the best granite flooring in India. In case, you are looking for more help in choosing the appropriate granite for your home of office, you may visit  S K Marble for more details. They are one of the leading granite and marble manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

8 Tips for Decorating and Designing Home with Marbles in India

8  Tips for Decorating and Designing Home with Marbles

We all love about marble the bright and shine natural looks, its elegance and clean, the supplier in India has been served for the past years provided us fine quality at affordable price. Now we know the popularity of marble designs and style, the wonder that can create in our daily life. Marble is favourable in homes for interior and exterior because of its breathtaking appearance, extraordinary quality, and easiness to clean. Thus, homes with marble often have greater value.    

So we all love to decorate and design our home to look attractive keep it beautiful and calm, without further ado here are some tips for decorating and create and endless possibility to turn your home into a beautiful like a palace, make no mistake and regret, get it done what you desire.

1. Countertops

Marble countertops look elegant. Turn your boring kitchen into attractive glamorous looks that give you the feeling to smile always. Marble is strong; it is easy to clean heat and water resistant. It can withstand in high traffic areas like kitchen and tables. As a bonus, marble countertops also improve the value of a home.

2. Dining table

Decorate your dining table with white natural marbles because white marble gives a bright appearance. You can relax and spend a quality time having food with your family, neighbor, friends and relatives. It is easy to clean immediately.

3. Staircase

If you want to turn your staircase into beautiful like palace marbles is exactly what you looking for and a combination of colour will give more attractive. It is free from scratch and allows you to clean in easy ways and it is durable as well.

4. Floor
Simply choose the right colour which is suited the best with the wall and try to match with your surrounding objects. There are different varieties of colour available out there in the market. It long-lasting gives cool and calm temperature. You can also turn your floor into a new workplace.

5. Backsplash

Marble backsplash gives another beauty in the kitchen and bathroom as well. It is excellent for to prevent the wall and splash water. Marble backsplash is durable and easy to maintain.

6. Fireplace

Say goodbye to your old, odd, dull looking fireplace. Marbles offers many design, styles and colours. It gives extraordinary look and attractive. Marbles fireplace can turn it into a great point and a place to gather with friends and family.

7. Marble Stools
Add new objects to your room, Living room, not just other than a chair, couch and feel the natural stone art in the form of marble stool.

8. Bathroom

Beautify your bathroom with marbles, opt for the right colour, marbles has many slabs with huge varieties of colour styles, other than white marble there are also many more colours such black, pink marble,  black marble gives calm and bright looks. And also install marble bathtubs. After all, you will love your bathroom the most a place like you never want to leave.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Uses of Granite: For Home, Office, Buildings & Memorials

Uses of Granite: For Home, Office, Buildings & Memorials

Granite is a hard, tough, igneous rock that is widely distributed in the Earth's continental crust. Granite is one of the most popular building materials. It varies in composition and comes in a range of colors, such as white, pink, buff, gray, and black, often occurring in combination. It has been used for thousand years in both interior and exterior purposes. Granite is used for building, bridges, paving monument and projects and also used for indoor purposes such as countertops, tiles floor, stair tread and many other designs.

Granite is unique and produces attractive looks each color gives different looks and qualities. Over centuries granite has been used all over the world as a reliable and versatile building material. Because  
Since antiquity granite has been used for construction and until now in a modern world. Granite has been used for construction because of its natural beauty, granite slabs are most commonly being used as countertops in new construction.

1. Sculpture and memorials

In many countries, granite is used for gravestones and memorials. It is durable and attractive. In early century granite could only be used by hand tools. Technically granite is hard stone and requires skill to carve by hand. Later a key break-through the invention of steam- power cutting tools and many others machines has started using.

2. Buildings

Granite being the natural stone has been used as dimension stone and building house, resorts, office building, commercial building. Granite blocks are used for construction can be rough but when it finished the surfaces produce an elegance appearance. It is durable good looking attractive and suited the best in everywhere and anywhere.

3. Kitchen countertops

Polished granite is also popular for kitchen counter-tops due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities. Granite countertop is the most familiar use of granite, can customize and cut the shape of the slab, it is high on demand because of the unique looks when the installation is done.

4. Granite backsplash and sink

Granite tiles can be used to create beautiful and colorful sink, backsplash in home, offices and many other places. The combination of granite color is grey, blue, pink and black which give bright effects.

5. Granite Flooring

Granite tiles are commonly used for flooring bathrooms, wall panels, hall, staircases, kitchen flooring.  Its produce elegant looks and also attractive give shine bright effects.

6. Granite paving stone and curbing

Another important uses of granite stones, Granite are generally used as street curbing, it is much more durable than those made from concrete. They provide great decorative appearance. Granite paving stone gives a colorful path, the natural stone with a combination of different color give beautiful result.

These are not the only ways granite can be used. There are many more uses of granite internally and externally. Since it is one of the most durable product, it lasts for years and has a good resistant power to weather and other natural factors.

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