Thursday, 12 January 2017

4 Easy Tips To Clean Your Marble Bright And Shine

 Easy Tips  To Clean Your Marble Bright And Shine

Marble is one of the most incredibly beautiful materials, with proper care and maintenance it will last long. Marble surface is smooth elegant and classic. So marble requires special care and maintenance to retain their lustre. In order to prevent staining and erosion you have to maintain in proper ways, all you need to do is to keep in mind some easy important tips.

Follow our tips to keep your marble floor, countertops clean, shiny, and free from stain.

tips to clean your marble

1. Marble Sealer

After your marble is installed, you can also go for sealer for protection. But sealer does not completely prevent from stain and scratches. Marble can easily absorb liquid and stain very fast so installing sealer will help you avoid damage and expensive marble repair and plus it keeps your marble floors and countertops looks beautiful and shine longer.

2. Polishing

Marble should be clean on a regular basis if you want to retain luster. Polishing to some extent decreases the absorbency of marble. So avoid using cleaners that are not right for marble. Always use good quality cleaners available in the market.

3. Clean up spill

Do not let dust sit for long as marble gets stained quickly and it is so sensitive when substances are placed for even a short period of time. Do not use any acids on marble and place door mats in high traffic areas. Wipe out and clean spills like wine, coffee, sodas, and juices immediately after spilled. For quick cleaning use a vacuum cleaner.

4. Cleaning the floor

In case, when you use vacuum cleaner you have to be careful because grit jammed in the wheels or ragged, worn parts can scratch the surface. Also use a dry clean non-treated dust-mop and for daily regular cleaning use only hot water for cleaning the floor.

By following these simple tips you will find cleaning your marble easier and time-saving. These will solve all your difficulties of cleaning marble floor and also keep your home, offices alive with and a timeless beauty.

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Uses of Marble for Glamorous Bathrooms

Uses of Marble for Glamorous Bathrooms

1. Flooring

.     Marble flooring can create a stunning shower design in your bathroom. Marble comes in a variety of colors and pattern, each slab of stone has different styles along with attractive colors. White marble flooring for the bathroom is attractive; it gives easy visibility of dirt, calm look and also easy to clean. It gives bright effect when you open your windows, vanity or when you turn on the light.

2. Bathtubs

Bathtubs is the main element of any bathroom,  so get a marble bathtub and chose a color which is suited to the wall, this will make your bathroom clean and more welcoming, it holds heat longer so you can spend time and take a good long relaxation.

3. Marble Shower

A marble does not always come in white. There are many good combinations of colors available. Black marble for wall also gives glamorous looks, it will give you feelings of relaxation and turns your bathroom into a place like you never want to leave.

4. Shelves

The most and the simplest way to get the marble into your bathroom is to create marble open selves. This is a creative addition to more beauty to your bathroom by adding marble toothbrush holder, soap ledge, dispensers. It allows you to put anything you like such as towel, magazine, flower vase, and many other decorative items.

Adding a marble to your bathroom immediately adds value, classic style, and timeless beauty to the room. Use these four inspirational ideas to start planning how you can add the elegance of marble to your design, and you'll end up with a truly breathtaking marble bathroom.

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