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Marble : The Perfect Counter Top for Your Kitchen

Marble: The Perfect Counter Top for Your Kitchen

There are very few things in life that look as stunning, elegant and luxurious as marbles. Wherever used either in kitchen, bathroom or in the garden, marble is bound to look stunning. Be it an Indian marble or imported Italian marble, the counter top of your kitchen will always add charm to your kitchen.

Marble as Kitchen Countertops: Apprehensions & Misconceptions

Many people have apprehensions about using marble as kitchen counter top and their fear is justified. The main concern for them is that of stain. Most people avoid using marble in their kitchen or bathroom when renovating or building a new house. But it is a great misconception which most people harbor.

The aim of this blog is to help people who love the royal look of marble but are afraid in using the same due to their unwanted fears. Marble is no doubt a great looking and fantastic material.  If cared for properly, a marble kitchen counter top is likely to last a century in the similar condition in which it was first fabricated. Opting for the perfect Indian or imported marble from one of the leading suppliers of marbles from Rajasthan- S K Marble makes sense as it comes with guarantee and reasonable pricing.

Marble being a natural product keeps evolving and changing with time. It is more porous than granite. Also no two marbles slabs are alike. Depending on the place it was quarried, the product of marble is likely to chip, stain, scratch and etch differently. The natural conductivity of marble makes it cool to touch and feel.

Before choosing Marble as a Kitchen Counter Top, it makes sense to understand the strengths so as to make the perfect selection:

1. Spectacular Beauty

Marble counter tops though considered expensive is still preferred and demanded by many primarily due to its elegance and beauty. This igneous stone of marble is available in wonderful hue of colors ranging from solid black, solid white, yellow, grey, brown, rose and green. Those house owners and designers who prefer a unique kitchen top for their home or project can opt for marble. Though requiring little maintenance, it is the most preferred choice of millions as its mesmerizing effect cannot be matched by any other stone.

2. Heat Resistant

Marble kitchen counter tops are known to be heat resistant. It can easily withstand the temperatures of hot pots and pans way above the temperature that may be used in the kitchen area. Marble kitchen counter tops is not likely to catch fire or burn easily but to be on the safer side, it is recommended to use heat resistant pan or pot holder or a heat resistant mat. 

This is to avoid permanent change in color of the marble due to the heat of the object. Sometimes there are high chances that the area of marble surrounding the place where the hot object is likely to become slightly darker thus ruining the appearance of the kitchen counter top. This can be easily overcome by placing a heat resistant mat between the Kitchen counter top surface and the hot pan. This aids in protecting the finish of the kitchen counter top on account of heat.

3. Long Lasting

Marble kitchen counter tops known for their classic beauty are most durable and last for years. The marbles are also easy to find as they are easily available in majority of stone yards or fabricators. However, care should be taken when selecting the right marble suitable to your needs.

At S K Marble Pvt Ltd. we assist you to select the best marble suitable to match your requirements and provide the best quality marble at reasonable prices in India. 

Ambaji White Marble at S K Marble Pvt Ltd. Abu Road RajasthanGet in touch with us today and we shall be happy to provide you the best in class marbles for your personal and commercial needs in India or outside India. S K Marble is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of Indian and imported marbles and granite in India.

We are the exclusive manufacturers of Ambaji White Marble in Rajasthan and a leading supplier of Imported Italian Marble named Emporio.

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Have You Visited S K Marble Pvt. Ltd.? The Leading Suppliers of Marbles and Granite in India

Have You Visited S K Marble Pvt. Ltd.? The Leading Suppliers of Marbles and Granite in India

For majority of us embarking on a journey for shopping for natural stones is an out of the world experience. We at S K Marble Pvt. Ltd. believe in making this journey not only pleasant and smooth but even memorable and informative.

Irrespective of the fact, whether you are a homemaker in search of the perfect shade of Marble or an experienced corporate designer working on a deadline project, we are always there to help you.
At S K Marble Pvt. Ltd., we are all the time aware of all your queries and needs and make it our motto to answer all your questions. Let us embark on a beautiful journey of marble site visit together.

Can I visit S K Marbles Pvt. Ltd.?

Of course, we at S K Marble Pvt. Ltd. are clearly aware that unless you are professional dealing in renovation or re-modelling, there are very less chances that you are going to possess any knowledge about warehouses or stone yards.  It is highly likely that you may be clueless as to where to begin. But be rest assured, we are there to help you 24/7.

S K Marble Pvt. Ltd. Site Photo at Abu Road, Rajasthan

At S K Marble Pvt. Ltd., over the years though we have developed a reputation of working with industry professionals such as architects, builders and designers, we still believe that consumer is the king and we never miss an opportunity to work with the consumer directly.

Don’t have knowledge about Marbles?

Do not despair! Even if you do not possess any knowledge about marbles but sincerely want to gain knowledge about the same so as to choose the perfect Marble for your kitchen counter top or flooring, we would definitely help you.  

To enable you to make the perfect choice, we take you on a tour of the showroom and let you feel each stone whether granite or marble providing you the best suitable options. We are quite sure that this will definitely help you to get an idea about each stone, its style and colour enabling you to choose the perfect one of your liking.

Our specialized team of experts can assist you with selection of marble flooring, granite flooring, marble floor design, italian marble flooring and different types of marbles such as morwad marble, wonder marble, perlato sicilia, beige marble, imported marble and more. 

We also assist our customers in selection of granite flooring and different types of granite that includes green granite, italian granite, coffee brown granite, pink granite, white granite, crystal yellow granite, Z brown granite and more.

We stick to our promise to provide the best in class product to our clients scattered all over the country. Read more about S K Marble Pvt. Ltd. for the best marble in India.

Do you have sufficient stock?

Yes, we at S K Marble Pvt. Ltd. ensure that we have adequate stock of all the granite and marbles that you see on the website. We always believe in keeping our online inventory in real time at every given point of time so that even if our consumers like a specific product, they can come and check it in person. This is the reason why we are the leading suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of marbles and granite in India. Being one of the best granite suppliers in Rajasthan, India, we consider it as our responsibility to ensure you get timely delivery of your products.

Do I have to take a prior appointment?

If you are staying close by, you can definitely drop in without even an appointment. But taking an appointment would enable us to serve you better as we would be well prepared to answer all your queries.  Whether you are an individual, professional, builder or any corporate, we ensure you are provided with best of the marble and granite options. We offer the best white marble pricing in India. Our price of other marble and granite is the most competitive in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India.

We look forward to meeting you at our Abu Road, Rajasthan site or submit your enquiry online for marble price list, granite price or Italian marble price or visit www.skmarble.com for more details. 

You may also feel free to call us on +91 9829484817 / 9602238782.