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Why Marble is the Classiest Material for Domestic Interiors?

Why Marble is the Classiest Material for Domestic Interiors?

Throughout the records, marble has been used in the architectural layout such as the famous The Pantheon in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, and the Acropolis in Greece had been all constructed with marble, and that’s the number one reason they’re all nevertheless standing hundreds of years after being constructed.

So why has marble been one of the most sought-after building substances? For one, marble is a distinctly long lasting stone. It’s derived from limestone or dolomite, and that’s subjected to high degrees of warmth and pressure while buried inside the earth. This causes the rock to convert into marble.

Marble we all know is priced for its splendor. Marble stone – whether used for floors, indoors columns, countertops or accents – dazzles, delivering a clean, conventional look that can be tailored to any décor.

The benefits of marble in domestic design

Marble has been a popular desire of interior designers, and in current years, there’s been a renewed hobby in marble as a design element or structural cloth. a few benefits consist of:

Undying splendor

Marble promises crisp, lovely natural beauty that could increase the aesthetics of any room. Historically, it’s been utilized in kitchens – frequently considered the center-piece of the house – for countertops and backsplashes, where it may be used to draw interest. Few substances fit the splendor of marble.

Fashionable color Palette

Marble, like granite, is to be had in numerous colors and styles, allowing designers to enhance the appearance of interior spaces. A lighter toned marble could be best in a conventional or modern washroom, and darkish-toned, patterned marble can be used to feature extravagance in the kitchen. As a chair rail or room accessory, colored or patterned marble can help to raise the fashion of a space, as nicely.

Domestic cost add

Marble’s fashion, attraction, and exclusiveness may even assist your property value will upward thrust. Shoppers gravitate to homes with marble countertops and backsplashes, with a view to stand out in listings. So now not simplest will you be growing an elegant living space that could revel in, you even as additionally adding value to your private home.

Common uses For marble in domestic Interiors

Beyond traditional uses like countertops, marble has several uses of as a design and structural detail. Yet, interior designers realize the key's to apply marble wisely. It is able to draw the attention and serve as a focus in a room, but overusing marble can create areas that experience cold or sterile.
Whilst used nicely even though, marble provides beauty and attraction.

Here are a few methods that it could be used:

1. Delineate an open ground plan

Many newly constructed homes prefer an open concept floor plan. Marble floor can be a super choice to separate exclusive areas within the home. As an example, marble columns that guide a half of-wall help to offset one location from some other.

2. Function a statement piece

Marble draws the attention in any room it is featured in. And that’s why it’s this type of superb “statement piece” for interior designers. Marble can be used to anchor the room’s design and dictate the design direction for the distance.

3. As a structural detail

Thanks to its durability, marble is a perfect structural detail, that includes a column, floors or as stair steps. No longer most effective does it look top notch, but it’s clean to clean and calls for little renovation and it'll be closing for generations.

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7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pure White Marble in India

7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pure White Marble in India

Do you want to know how you can beautify your home in seven special approaches with pure white marble in India using either Indian pure white marble or imported pure white marble? Then here are some tips for you. Let us start –

If you need to apply it to your floors, you’ll discover proper away that his look gives light and clarity to the floor, but additionally a feel of solidity and security. It will likely be proof against scratches, as well as aesthetically don't forget the solemnity of the remarkable works of artists and architects of the beyond.

  • Backs kitchens

What we've got stated for the floors is also the identical to the backs kitchen. Our white marble will make it straight away brighter.

  • Kitchen worktops

White marble permit you to present your kitchen a modern aspect, and also will let you work peacefully without the fear of dust and competitive retailers.

  • Bathrooms and toilets

White marble inside the lavatory is a conventional choice that never sets, in case you make this desire, is truly no longer wrong.

  • Wallcoverings

For some years pure white marble is also used to cover walls and the impact is truly exciting.

  • Stairs

A lot of our customers have opted for pure white marble stairs to beautify with simplicity and originality their domestic.

  • Tables

It’s pleasant to have a design element like this at home as a table.

But white marble is likewise suitable for making fireplaces, fountains and it's far ideal for the outside fixtures as well.

At S K Marble, we are always excited to help our customers with all the choices and expert recommendations to best suit their needs. We would like to emphasize that ours aren’t the standard white marble, but a wonderful pure white marble without veins or intrusion, with notable longevity and impermeability. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Ambaji White Marble and Its Many Uses

Ambaji White Marble and Its Many Uses 

Ambaji White Marble, in fact, has been used and valued for some thousand years now owing to its good appearance, beautiful colors, and attractive designs. One of the most common uses of this marble is for architecture. The background of this natural stone has black lines and looks quite similar to Makrana Marble.

Ambaji white marble since ages has created a niche for being a luxurious stone both for its elegance and beauty. It is the versatility of this stone that has made it conducive to being used equally both in the workplace and the home. Nature for the majority has been the highest inspiration for all in ways untold as it has and continues to offer mankind with many things, including but not limited to greenery, waterfalls and natural stones.

ambaji white marble

Taking into consideration this inspiration from nature, the leading marble suppliers take pride in offering people with the miraculous, milky white outcome in the form of Ambaji White Marble.

A close look at its many uses and different characteristics

Marble is a highly popular metamorphic rock. At the initial stages, this was limestone yet with the time gone by, owing to the combination both of extreme heat and pressure, this limestone got re-crystallized. At the time of this process, this limestone attracts different foreign substances, thereby bringing different veining, colors, and textures in it. The Ambaji White Marble resembles human nature. Just as no two human beings are same similarly no two marbles will be alike. It's different uses are as follows,

1. It can be utilized on different surface areas of the bathroom such as the tub decks, flooring and shower walls. Besides, it can also be used for decorating the walls in the house like a wall furnishing, fireplace facings, kitchen platform or for pious surroundings in the Puja room.

2. It can be used for different purposes like the roofing, staircases, vanity tops and countertops. Such marble slabs appear excellent when it is applied to the house roofs, thereby making the roof appear flowery and different simultaneously. The Ambaji White Marble can be used even in the dining room to offer it with a happy and soothing surroundings. The best part about this variety of marble is that they have low water absorption and are weather resistant. It is a gorgeous marble stone having a brilliant white shade and has a remarkable export potential. Such natural stone possesses a great demand for both exterior and interior décor.

3. This variety of marble can be used in the staircases as well for making them appear elegant rather than boring and old. Besides, it can be used as a countertop in the kitchen for making them appear gorgeous as well as for monument articles and outdoor marble handicraft. White is one such shade that almost every person adores, no wonder Ambaji White Marble slabs are asked for at all times because it posses the ability to make the abode appear classy and pretty. It is the white pattern that is favored by all yet the matching in the interior needs to be done sensibly and wisely. The interior color in the house must be decided as per the color and texture of the slab.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with S K Marble Pvt. Ltd, one of the best ambaji white marble manufacturing company in Rajasthan, India. 

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Marble stone and its wide array of uses in the contemporary age

Marble Stone and its wide array of uses in the contemporary age 

Marble is a natural substance that is beautiful to the eyes and thus used and favoured for years. This is a type of metamorphic rock which forms when limestone gets subjected to both extreme pressure and heat. The marble stone comes in different colours and appearances and is mined particularly from marble quarries and caves. Attractive and durable, this substance can very well stand up against the different elements and survive while upholding its look.

Marble stone and its different uses in the household 

The different uses of marble stone for household purposes are as follows –

Floors- marble floors are a personal favourite of the majority. It has been in trend for some thousands of years as well as continues to be in vogue. The marble stone is an emblem of sophistication and class. It can make a dull place look bright and lively. The good news is today this natural substance is available in different shades and finishes to cater the variegated needs.

Columns- nothing can beat a marble column. Adding columns made of marble in the front room or entrance of the home will make the home look really fashionable. To wow friends and family with gorgeous marble columns will boast of style and privilege.

Fountains- a luxurious and fun item is a marble fountain. The specialty of this natural substance is that it will not erode with water easily and will often time mimic the marble sculptures of the yester years. Simply add a marble fountain in the home garden and see how it stands out from the rest.

Marble Water fountains at S K Marble

Sinks- sinks made of marble are about fun. It will offer pleasure to the user. When it comes to its practical end, such sinks will not erode under water thereby making it a good material especially for bathrooms and kitchens.

Counters- counters made of marble are growing in popularity. In fact both a practical addition and a bold statement of fashion these counters will help in taking all the knife and heat marks without showing damage right away.

Walls- walls made of marble are revered by royalty as well as nobles. These may be either marble slab in their uninterrupted and natural splendour or broken into familiar squares which are cut especially for floors. The best part is it is susceptible to children’s crayons and is popular for being a low-maintenance solution.

Stairs- there cannot be anything more luxurious than stairs made of marble. The smooth edge and the soft look of marble will be something that people will envy. Marble stairs are the right merge of beauty and strength and will also cut down to the user’s cleaning time.

The bottom line is, only a handful of natural substances have many different uses as that of marble. Owing to its structure it has high polish which makes it highly sought after. Today marble comes in different attractive colours ranging from white, black, and green, yellow, red to blue-gray resting on the composition of the mineral. So what are you waiting for? Make your pick today. Talk to S K Marble team and choose the best options.

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Granite – Origin and Uses

Granite – Origin and Uses

Granite is a very common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is characterized by its granular and phaneritic texture. Granite can be defined as an igneous rock that comprises of at least 20 percent quartz and up to 65 percent feldspar by volume.

The word 'granite' came from the Latin word 'granum'. Granite is usually massive, tough and hard. For these qualities, granite has gained widespread use over the time. For use in home, office etc. in India,  granite is used as a construction stone. It is noteworthy that granite has poor permeability but on the other hand strong secondary permeability.

In India, there are varieties of granite. The granites in India can be found in over 200 shades. The granite reserves of India, as of the year 2005, were more than 37000 million cubic meters and were ranked fifth in the export of processed product. In India, resources of granite are found in Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Origin of Granite

A theory says that granite in place due to extreme metasomatism by fluids that bring in elements, like potassium, and by removing other elements, like calcium, in order to transform the metamorphic rock into granite. This theory is called granitization. This was believed to occur across a migrating front. 

The formation of granite by metamorphic heat is hard but is seen to occur in certain granulite and amphibolite terrains. In the original place, granitization or melting by metamorphic heat is difficult to identify except where melanosome and leucosome textures are present in migmatites. As soon as a metamorphic rock is melted, it becomes magma, therefore, these rocks are considered as a transition between the two, but technically are not granites as they do not intrude into the other rocks. In all the cases, in order to melt solid rocks, a high temperature is required along with water & other volatiles, which act as a catalyst by bringing down the solidus temperature of the rock.

Uses of Granite

Granite & related marble industries are one of the oldest industries in the world and date back to Ancient Egypt. Over the time, the uses of granite have increased. Granite is used for use in home, office etc. in India and also in sculpting and memorials. Following are some of the important uses of granite.

•    Buildings

Granite is seen to be used extensively as flooring tiles in public & commercial buildings. Aberdeen, a place in Scotland, is constructed primarily from local granite. Aberdeen is also known as The Granite City. Polished granite is used for kitchen counterparts because of its high durability and aesthetic properties.

•    Engineering

Engineers have been using polished granite since a long time in order to establish a plane of reference. Due to granite's rigidity, outstanding vibration characteristics & high dimensional stability, granite tables are used popularly as a base for optical instruments.

•    Rock Climbing

Granite is used by climbers due to its steepness, crack systems, soundness and friction. Interestingly, 
granite rock climbing is so famous that many of the artificial rock climbing walls that are found in theme parks and gyms are made in such a way that they feel & look like granite.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Using Marble in Office Decoration

Using Marble in Office Decoration

Marble is a metamorphic rock for use in home, office, etc in India and it is formed when limestone is exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Marble forms under such extreme conditions because the calcite forming the limestone recrystallizes, forming a denser rock comprising of roughly equigranular calcite crystals.

Why use marble in office?

The best reason why marble remains in heavy demand of countertops is because of its elegant good looks! This igneous stone comes in a wonderful display of color. Our choice of hues includes solid white, solid black and a range of colors in the rose, yellow, gray, green, white and black spectrums. No two slabs are alike. So, you will be assured of having a unique countertop for your home.

marble in office

How to choose a right marble for office?

While choosing between vitrified tiles and marble in office - your budget, design requirement, space location, and the utility will be your basic judgment criteria. Marble offers durability at a higher price whereas the other offers a huge variety of design options at a comparatively lower price. Remember, flooring is the decor element that lives long run. So, choose wisely!

Which one is better – Marble or Vitrified Tiles?

Marble is life-long while vitrified tiles have a coating like a colour-coating if u have seen in the malls, offices, showrooms etc where more people come with their shoes and sandals, sometimes coating comes out and mud like surface becomes visible on the surface. But for an average, if you use it in your home it stays for around 10 to 15 years.

Vitrified tiles can be used just after 1 hour of fixing it. There is absolutely no need to polish it like Marble. Vitrified tiles come in various designs and colors. It has a glossy effect and thus it looks good even at home and also in office and showrooms.

What are the advantages of using marble in office?

 In terms of maintenance and durability, natural marbles are best but it is costlier compared to the ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles may tend to crack, color, glossiness goes off during prolonged exposure after 2-3 years but marble is really durable. Marble is highly durable and resistance to water and grease.

We are all aware that flooring plays a vital role in home decor. Professionals like architects, builders choose perfect types of material to be used as flooring but when it is time to replace or upgrade to the higher level of the flooring, you need to choose the best decor for your house.

Marble occupies a unique position in decorations. Marble stone is composed of limestone that has undergone extreme heat and pressure. Because it is a natural stone, marble has a porous surface. To help keep it looking beautiful, the marble flooring must be refurbished every 6 to 12 months with a quality stone sealer made for marble.

Unfortunately, marble also has a bad reputation for staining. Orange juice, harsh cleaners, and the acidic substances should be cleaned up immediately. Some homeowners report that even water causes staining on it. The best way to live with marble flooring is by assuming that, over time, the floors will develop a unique patina.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Maintaining Marble and Kitchen Countertops

Maintaining marble and kitchen countertops

It is nice to know what marble is, in order to understand how it behaves. It is a metamorphic stone, which is formed when sediments crystallize under extreme heat and pressure to form very hard rock. Marble is not the hardest of these stones, however, making it porous and thus susceptible to staining. Granite is also metamorphic and much harder (no staining), whereas soapstone is lesser in hardness (but more staining). Marble is also formed of calcium carbonate, giving it a chemical structure which reacts easily with acids and leads to etching on its surface.

maitaining marble and kitchen countertops

Maintaining marbles

Marble stones are mainly for use in home, office, etc in India. Marble & kitchen countertops require some maintenance required to keep it pristine, though one may prefer the gradually aged surface with etches and stains that blend into the gray veins with time.

What types of finishes does marble come in?

There are basically two main types of finishes you can get, but I would recommend the "honed" finish since it is the easiest wearing. Before I knew the difference, I had a polished finish installed in my kitchen, and it is great, but it feels messy more easily and makes me want to clean it more often. The shiny finish is the more uptight of the two:-

1. Honed Finish - 

Made by sanding the surface so that it has a soft, matte finish, the honed marble will not show scratches as much, shows the stone off as a little lesser in brightness and is more susceptible to staining because the pores are open. Sealing is, therefore, the answer.

2. Polished Finish - 

Polished to a shiny exterior, this finish will not stain easily but it can scratch and etch. Polished surfaces are shiny and bright, but they will be worn down with time. If you prefer the worn look, go right for honed and skip the polished.

Marble & kitchen countertop care and maintenance

When it comes to keeping Marble & kitchen countertops looking new, a little prevention goes a long way: Place trivets under hot pots and as well pans, set coasters under glasses, use cutting boards when slicing food and wipe up the spills immediately. Marble is prone to etching, so be extra careful with acids—that mean pouring orange juice carefully and not wiping down the counters with vinegar.

Wipe the Marble & kitchen countertops with a soft cloth and warm water daily. Mild household cleansers are suitable, but in the market, you can also find cleaning products specific to marble. Certain oils and acids can stain. Marble must be resealed periodically.

Why marble & kitchen countertops are affordable?

Being clear, not all marbles are affordable, but ‘Carrara’ marble, though it comes from Italy, it is one of the cheapest stones due to its grayer coloring (luxury marbles, like Calacatta, are brighter white with darker veins) and its porous nature. Some people do not like the gray cast, and because it requires maintenance, it is never specified for rental homes, making it a slow seller and therefore lower in price. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

How to Choose the Best Marble Company in India?

How to Choose the Best Marble Company in India              


An important part of the civil work is the flooring. Flooring is one of the most important decisions that should be made before moving in and the reason behind that is that flooring cannot be changed once people start living in the house. In addition to that, it will improve the overall appearance of the house. It is, therefore, advised that the flooring should be done well prior to any interior designing under the guidance of the best marble company in India. Because of the fact that flooring cannot be changed again, it requires a good budget to ensure long-lasting flooring.

Though there are primarily two options for flooring, using natural stones like marbles or using tiles, using marble in the flooring guarantees a long lasting solution and minimum maintenance.

Using Marbles for Flooring

In some cases, the marble will cost more than tiles. However, in many cases with the advent of imported tiles being available in the Indian market sometimes choosing a marble for flooring will be more economic from one of the best marble companies in India. Here is a list of marbles that can be considered for flooring,

Abree: The Abree from Oman and some Middle Eastern countries is a cream colored marble. This kind of marble is not expensive. It usually costs somewhere between Rs 250 per square feet and Rs 350 per square feet. The Abree marble has been around for almost 10 years.

Rajasthan Marbles: A few years ago, the Makrana marble was a popular white marble but the availability of the Makrana marble is scarce. Therefore, it is difficult to get the Makrana marble at a reasonable rate. Another reason for the Makrana marble's scarcity is the fact that the mines have been mined extensively. In that case, Banswada could be considered as an alternative.
Italian Marble: Though Italian marbles are normally pretty expensive but these marbles are often found to be worthy of their price. Italian marbles price range starts from Rs 700 per square feet. Some popular examples of Italian marbles are Travertino, Carrara and Dyna or Diana.

Australian White Marble: The Australian White marble originates from Australia, as the name suggests. These marbles start from Rs 300 per square feet and are known for their whiteness. Another marble that also comes almost at the same price range and is very white too is the Vietnam-marble.

Choosing the Best Marble Company in India

Apart from the price of the different types of marbles for use in home, office, etc in India. One must consider all the expenses that involve every step from purchasing to the installation. In order to choose the best marble company, there are few more factors to be considered apart from the types of marbles and their price. Some of those important factors are as follows,

1. Unloading -  Unloading of marble to the site could cost depending upon the floor. Higher the floor, higher will be the rate.
2. Laying: The cost of laying marble is costlier than laying tiles.
3. Polishing: Polishing is needed for marbles and it costs around Rs 40 per square feet.

Therefore, while purchasing marbles for flooring it will be worthwhile to consider all the above expenses and depending upon the prices one can choose the best marble company in India.

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4 Easy Tips To Clean Your Marble Bright And Shine

 Easy Tips  To Clean Your Marble Bright And Shine

Marble is one of the most incredibly beautiful materials, with proper care and maintenance it will last long. Marble surface is smooth elegant and classic. So marble requires special care and maintenance to retain their lustre. In order to prevent staining and erosion you have to maintain in proper ways, all you need to do is to keep in mind some easy important tips.

Follow our tips to keep your marble floor, countertops clean, shiny, and free from stain.

tips to clean your marble

1. Marble Sealer

After your marble is installed, you can also go for sealer for protection. But sealer does not completely prevent from stain and scratches. Marble can easily absorb liquid and stain very fast so installing sealer will help you avoid damage and expensive marble repair and plus it keeps your marble floors and countertops looks beautiful and shine longer.

2. Polishing

Marble should be clean on a regular basis if you want to retain luster. Polishing to some extent decreases the absorbency of marble. So avoid using cleaners that are not right for marble. Always use good quality cleaners available in the market.

3. Clean up spill

Do not let dust sit for long as marble gets stained quickly and it is so sensitive when substances are placed for even a short period of time. Do not use any acids on marble and place door mats in high traffic areas. Wipe out and clean spills like wine, coffee, sodas, and juices immediately after spilled. For quick cleaning use a vacuum cleaner.

4. Cleaning the floor

In case, when you use vacuum cleaner you have to be careful because grit jammed in the wheels or ragged, worn parts can scratch the surface. Also use a dry clean non-treated dust-mop and for daily regular cleaning use only hot water for cleaning the floor.

By following these simple tips you will find cleaning your marble easier and time-saving. These will solve all your difficulties of cleaning marble floor and also keep your home, offices alive with and a timeless beauty.

For more tips about maintaining your marble floor, hook to S K Marble blog for regular updates about marble and granite for use in home and office. You may also visit for more information about buying a suitable marble for flooring.

Uses of Marble for Glamorous Bathrooms

Uses of Marble for Glamorous Bathrooms

1. Flooring

.     Marble flooring can create a stunning shower design in your bathroom. Marble comes in a variety of colors and pattern, each slab of stone has different styles along with attractive colors. White marble flooring for the bathroom is attractive; it gives easy visibility of dirt, calm look and also easy to clean. It gives bright effect when you open your windows, vanity or when you turn on the light.

2. Bathtubs

Bathtubs is the main element of any bathroom,  so get a marble bathtub and chose a color which is suited to the wall, this will make your bathroom clean and more welcoming, it holds heat longer so you can spend time and take a good long relaxation.

3. Marble Shower

A marble does not always come in white. There are many good combinations of colors available. Black marble for wall also gives glamorous looks, it will give you feelings of relaxation and turns your bathroom into a place like you never want to leave.

4. Shelves

The most and the simplest way to get the marble into your bathroom is to create marble open selves. This is a creative addition to more beauty to your bathroom by adding marble toothbrush holder, soap ledge, dispensers. It allows you to put anything you like such as towel, magazine, flower vase, and many other decorative items.

Adding a marble to your bathroom immediately adds value, classic style, and timeless beauty to the room. Use these four inspirational ideas to start planning how you can add the elegance of marble to your design, and you'll end up with a truly breathtaking marble bathroom.

In case you are looking for more help in decorating your bathroom with marble flooring, shelves, etc and not able to find the right supplier or advisor, simply talk to us at S K Marble and we would be glad to assist you with further details free of cost. Visit our website here at for more details and send us an enquiry.