Sunday, 20 November 2016

3 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Colour for Granite Worktops in India

3 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Colour for Granite Worktops in India.

Whether you are a homemaker in search of the perfect granite worktops for your kitchen or a designer looking for the right colour of worktop for the bathroom or a business man wanting the perfect shade of granite work station for his office, it is an important decision from each ones perspective.

granite worktops in india

This is the reason at S K Marble, we are always at your service to offer the best advice suited to each one’s needs whether it is a home maker, business person or a designer. With our wide range of options you can choose the ideal one for your kitchen, offices and bathrooms based on your requirements and choice.

It is a real wonder how granite of varied colours can bring about a deep impact on the space you choose to install it. A tiny change in the colour of granite tends to have a huge and deep impact bringing about a world of difference. We at S K Marble, based on our years of experience in the field of marble and granite feel it our moral responsibility to help you choose the right colour of granite for your various needs. 
This is the reason we have decided to bring out an instant guide that will enable you to choose the right granite for your worktop. Listed below is a gist of the same.
  1. Getting an idea about the different colours of granite

First and foremost before embarking on the real purchasing process of granite, it is a very essential that one gains knowledge about the various colours that are available in granite. The easy and best way to gain knowledge about the granite colours is by scouring the websites. This will give a fair idea about the different colours that are available in granite along with which colours go well with which colours.

  1. Carrying samples to the granite workshop or factories

Always make it a point to carry samples of cabinets in the office or kitchen designs or colour schemes of the bathroom to the granite workshops or factories when you go on a shopping spree to select the ideal granite work top for your worktops. This would enable you to choose the perfect granite top by making comparisons based on the different shades and colour options that are available. Even the sample of the flooring and wall paint if carried would be of great help. Care to choose a granite work top that is in total contrast to the colour of the cabinets is of paramount importance. 
  1. Be wary when shopping online

Shopping online though convenient can sometime prove tricky as chances of getting cheated are high. Also though you can choose from varied styles and colour options in the granite, there are high chances of the real shades of granite worktop differing from the real one due to differences in the subtle veining patterns and other tiny details that are better captured by the human eye than the camera. Nothing can beat watching skilled craftsmen at work to shape granite in the workshop and we at SK Marbles would be more than happy to entertain you at our factory.

Apart from the above guidelines, consideration of lighting, trends and styles against timeless and classic beauty, personalised service of consultation and choosing the right colour scheme are some of the factors that also needs consideration when choosing the right granite worktop for your home, office or bathroom as you would be doing it only once and not often. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Do the Natural Stones of Marble and Granite make for Ideal Flooring?

Do the Natural Stones of Marble and Granite make for Ideal Flooring?

Those who love the look of natural stones and are in the process of re-modelling the floor of their house, office or other commercial building would naturally opt to go for either of the two natural stone of granite and marble. But what holds most of the people back from opting for either one of the two natural stones is care and maintenance of the flooring. 

The question that plagues the natural stone lovers is what steps are necessary to keep the natural stone from losing its sheen and to make them look good for years to come. Some even become sceptical when it comes to choosing natural stones over other stones for flooring. They even decide upon choosing wooden or porcelain tile just for the ease of maintenance.

This gives rise to the question whether the natural stone of granite or marble are really so difficult to look after? Many among us love the look of natural stones but are totally clueless when it comes to maintaining or taking care of them for flooring. In case you are a natural stone lover, then you should blindly go for it. History proves that natural stones have been in vogue for centuries. The natural stones of granite and marble no doubt add a feeling of luxury to the space which no other artificial stone or material can offer.
At S K Marble, we are often flooded with questions from our valuable consumers about ideal and proper maintenance of the natural stone of granite and marble used for flooring, kitchen countertops, and backlash and as bathroom tiles.  
We at S K Marble consider it our duty to clear the myths surrounding the two natural stones of granite and marble. We are not only happy but even feel privileged to dispel your doubts along with providing you with the much need information about caring for the natural stones used for flooring thus guiding you in taking the right decision.
  • By adhering to the below listed tips of cleaning and maintenance of the natural stone of granite and marble, you can make sure that your keep your flooring sparkling for years to come:
  • Ensure that you wipe away the spills immediately as the longer time the spills are on the floor, greater is the risk of damage to the flooring.
  • Place rugs at the entrance to trap the dust and sand. This way you keep your natural stone off from the dust and sand ensuring that it remains sparkling for many years.
  • Never attempt to use shine agents to polish the natural stones as this will mar the beauty of the stone and always seek professional help especially for polishing of the natural stones.
  • Make it a point to always clean natural stones using mild soap and warm water. Refrain from using abrasive cleansers and scrubbing pads.
  • Restrict from using baking soda, vinegar, bleach, ammonia and various other acidic substances as the use of the same are likely to damage the natural stone in the long run.
By adhering to the above tips, you can make sure that your natural stone marble or granite for flooring would last a life time and we at S K Marble have a team of professional staff who would be more than willing to help you answering any question you have of maintenance of the natural stones of granite and marble. Do pay us a visit. 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Choosing the Perfect Imported Marble Stone for your Home and Office

Choosing the Perfect Imported Marble Stone for your Home and Office

The interiors of a house or office when designed using natural stones get completely transformed. There is a complete transformation in the decor, thus making the overall quality appear far superior. Natural stones appear in various shades, shapes and colours providing you with the flexibility to design the house or office of your choice depending on your preference and taste. One even has the choice of importing the natural stone from different countries.

Emporio Imported Marble

Over and above of imparting elegance, natural stones of marble and granite come with the assurance of durability as they are naturally indestructible. The demand for imported natural stones such as granite and marble is increasing with each passing year. This is the reason why brick and wood designs that had seen short term popularity are now being replaced with stone designs.

Though natural stones of imported granite and marble are found in different parts of the world, the natural stone found only in certain countries are considered to be the best. The appearance and quality of a natural stone to a great extent is also determined by natural factors and how a natural stone is processed. The cost of processing of a natural stone should also be taken into consideration when procuring them.

Few sources around the world have years of history behind them. With a firmly established system of quarrying and processing, these sources boast of less production cost. As a result, many people like to get their natural stones of granites and marble shipped from such locations. These imported marble stones not only look good but are also highly durable.

The biggest factor influencing the cost of a natural stone is its denseness and the method in which the natural stone is quarried. Stones quarried above the ground tend to cost less. One can get the impoted stone of his or her choice based on the appearance and quality from any corner of the earth right from the place where they are processed as a result of advanced transport systems. When it is the question of long-term investment for your house or office, you don’t want to compromise, right?

Before taking the final decision about which stone to use for the decor of your house or office, analyze, think and research about your favourites. List down the places from where you can import your favourite natural stone. There are certain popular and highly esteemed companies dealing in natural imported stone among which S K Marble is well known for offering the best imported natural stone which you desire to use in your house or office.

The weather conditions prevailing in the places from where these imported granite and marble stones are quarried too has a role to play in determining the final colour, shade and quality of the stone. Hence paying attention to such minute details enables one to make the perfect choice of the natural imported marbles and granite.

The staff and management at S K Marble ensure that you are fully apprised about each and every detail pertaining to the imported stone you wish to buy. Paying a visit to their factory located in Rajasthan would prove to be an eye opener for anyone desiring to design house or office using imported natural stone of marble or for that matter even granite.  

Check out the details of Emporio - an Imported Marble at S K Marbles Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan, India.

Friday, 11 November 2016

3 Versatile Uses of Granite for Bathrooms

3 Versatile Uses of Granite for Bathrooms

Granite a beautiful, versatile and extremely durable material comes with different characteristics that make it enormously popular material for use not only in homes but even for use in commercial spaces, architecture, landscapes and sculptures too. These characteristics possessed by Granite make it ideal to be used for various projects right from home, commercial uses, sculpting and architecture thus making it outshine all other natural stones.

Use of granite in bathroom

One can make use of granite for bathrooms in whichever way one wants as its composition enables it to get shaped in any form of our desire. In spite of being a natural stone, granite is available in a hue of colors. Its breath catching look makes it ideal for use in homes, hotel and offices.

The Granite for bathroom material is not only durable in quality but even easy to clean and maintain. This is the reason why homes, hotels, offices and other commercial complexes possess greater value when they are decorated using Granite stone. Irrespective of the fact how granite is used, its sheen and decorative impact lasts a life time.

The below lists outlining the different uses of granite for bathroom is an eye opener as it gives one an idea about the different ways in which granite can be used in bathrooms at homes as well as offices and other commercial spaces.

Here are the three different uses of granite for beautifying bathroom

Granite, a natural stone is nature’s gift to us by assembling different elements from our environment thus making it ideal for use in our homes and offices. Apart from its use in our home and office, there are also different other uses for which Granite can be used. Its popularity as a bathroom material is gaining lot of popularity now a days due to its magnificence and durability. Thus the versatility of this natural stone is responsible for its increasing use in homes and commercial spaces.
  1. Eye catching Bath Vanity Tops

Bath rooms come alive when Granite stones are used as Bath Vanity tops. The granite stones are not only easy to clean and keep dry but even resistant to heat and water. A Granite stone even after regular and constant use does not lose its sheen and shine. Any bathroom with a granite vanity top makes for good value addition whether it is home, office or hotels.
  1. Beautiful Backlashes

Granite stones for bathroom, due to its versatility make for a perfect, ideal and beautiful backlash. They provide an excellent barrier between the wall, grease and water thus serving the need of the purpose. One can get the Granite back lash installed by making a choice of the tiles or approach a renowned Granite company such as S K Marble for custom fit who provide varied color choices to suit our needs.
  1. Decorative Bathroom Sinks

In case, you are on the search for that perfect piece to adorn your bathroom, just opt for the modern angular or under mount or pedestal sink , you are sure to win accolades for your choice as these granite sinks not only look magnificent but also splendid and beautiful with their glitter and shine. 

Moreover, their feature of being water resistant and durable makes them even more desirable.

In short, bathrooms designed using Granite are a feast for the eyes. All it calls for is planning ahead so that we can create a bathroom that is not only easy for use and maintenance but even a treat for the eyes.   

See the different types of granite for bathrooms available for you to choose at S K Marble Pvt. Ltd, Rajasthan, India.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to Select and Buy Stone and Floor Tiles- Know from Stone Experts

How to Select and Buy Stone and Floor Tiles- Know from Stone Experts

For those planning to build a new home or wishing to redesign, refurnish or even redecorate your home or even an interior designer or architect wanting an idea or direction with respect to choosing of the perfect tile, your search ends here as this article deals with choosing and buying of the perfect stone and floor tile based on the inputs and tips provided by India’s leading Indian and Imported marble and granite stone expert S KMarble.

First and foremost, choosing the perfect stone or floor tile can be a herculean task, at times even confusing and overwhelming as there are hundreds and thousands of colours to choose from along with endless advice from different corners on how to choose the perfect tile and stone for your dream house or project. But the same advice if received from a stone and tile expert such as S K Marble makes the process of selection much easier, less conflicting and more enjoyable.

Let us discuss one by one all the points that need to be taken into account before one goes for the perfect stone and tile hunting for one’s dream project.
  1. Appearance Matters

As the old saying goes, “First impression is the best impression”, hence the primary consideration will be how the tile or stone looks? With a variety of designs being available in natural stones, there is no reason why one should settle for something mediocre. Just go for that stone or tile which looks stunning and impresses you at the first sight. Do this after taking into account the decor of the room. The natural stone of marble or granite compliments the mood settings and works best on a room that looks elegant.

Opt for such colours, styles and designs that will last a life time as you won’t be changing the tiles of your house often. The ultimate goal should be that you won’t get bored of your selection very soon. In case you find difficulty in choosing the perfect tile for your house, seek help from an interior designer or even more you can buy from such marble and granite companies who can understand your needs. S K Marble is one such marble and granite manufacturing company in Rajasthan whose staffs help you right from the stage of choosing the perfect tiles for your house till the time of installation.
  1. Take in to consideration Wear and Tear and Traffic

A common mistake often made by many when choosing a tile or stone is to ignore or not take in to consideration the traffic or the amount of usage the tile will put to. Certain marbles being soft in nature would not be suited for areas having high traffic. Say for instance a soft marble tile would be inappropriate for a hotel lobby but perfect for home use. Whether the tile or stone can withstand scratch is what needs to taken into consideration? An effective way to perform the test is by scratching the tile using a pocket knife. In case you find a scratch on the tile, it is a clear indication that the tile is not suited for areas having high traffic.

In the same way, the other points that need to be considered include whether the tile or stone is resistant to stain and acid, whether the tile or stone fits your budget including safety factors, installation expenses, process and who will do the installation, details pertaining to sub-flooring and lastly maintenance.

Having dealt with all the above key issues, it won’t be long before you can enjoy perfect tile for your dream venture and reap the benefits of the same for years to come.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ideas for using granite in home other than just kitchen in India

Ideas for using granite in home other than just kitchen

Granite known for its unique and special features has always been the first choice among house owners, especially for Kitchen counter tops.  Not only is the granite durable for home but it also exudes a classy and luxurious look. This timeless beauty admired by millions especially for its appealing look is still date patronized by people world over.

granite in kitchen

One thing is certain about granite for home in India. This natural stone given by nature is never going to become obsolete or out of style and its use is only likely to enhance the value of your home for years to come.
If you are some who has already installed a granite kitchen counter top in your house and desperately searching or looking for other ways or options to use this versatile stone in your house, then this blog is for you as we at S K Marble have outlined newer and fresher ideas of granite use for you which you may have never imagined.
  1. Luxury use of granite in the bathroom

It is quite natural for many of us to overlook the bathrooms of our house when we plan to remodel or redesign the same. But bathrooms are the most used space of our house. Hence, we should make sure to redesign it in such a way that not only does it look stunning but it also ends up being economic. You can install granite counter-tops at home in India that are available in varied colour to suit your bathroom decor along with providing that luxurious look to it. Also, the overall maintenance also becomes hassle free when you install granite. This natural stone is bound to last long as granite is popular for its durability. 

  1. Granite mantle top over the fire-place

For those who are lucky enough to have a fire-place in their house, granite is the perfect choice for mantle top. Not only can you decorate the area in and around the fire-place with beautiful pictures of your family and friends, you can even place a thick slab of granite stone in home over the fire-place to match the decor of the wall and furniture in your living area. This will act as an added attraction along with enhancing the value of your house.
  1. A stunning granite center table

If you are someone who loves the look of granite then you should definitely opt for a centre table with a granite top. This will not only add beauty to the space but would also be easy to keep up. In case you are looking for a centre piece for your garden, you can get one custom-made. Nowadays, you even get folded granite tables in home that aid for multiple purpose such as a laundry table when it is not being used in the garden. We are sure you would look forward to do your laundry every day when you have a granite table for laundry.
  1. Granite porch steps

In case, you are a lucky owner of a beautiful house and are looking for ways to impress your friends and relatives, then you can try installing steps made of granite in the front part of your house. You are sure to get lauded for this. Moreover, granite for home in india being more durable than wood or concrete would last a life-time with least hassle in installing it.
With multitude of uses, one thing is clear granite uses is not limited just to kitchen countertops. With bit of ingenuity one can find various new ideas to beautify your house using the most loved natural stone –that is granite.

S K Marble is one the leading granite suppliers in India providing you not only the highest quaity of granite but also sharing with you the best possible ideas of using granite in home whether you are in India or outside India.