Monday, 3 July 2017

Ambaji White Marble and Its Many Uses

Ambaji White Marble and Its Many Uses 

Ambaji White Marble, in fact, has been used and valued for some thousand years now owing to its good appearance, beautiful colors, and attractive designs. One of the most common uses of this marble is for architecture. The background of this natural stone has black lines and looks quite similar to Makrana Marble.

Ambaji white marble since ages has created a niche for being a luxurious stone both for its elegance and beauty. It is the versatility of this stone that has made it conducive to being used equally both in the workplace and the home. Nature for the majority has been the highest inspiration for all in ways untold as it has and continues to offer mankind with many things, including but not limited to greenery, waterfalls and natural stones.

ambaji white marble

Taking into consideration this inspiration from nature, the leading marble suppliers take pride in offering people with the miraculous, milky white outcome in the form of Ambaji White Marble.

A close look at its many uses and different characteristics

Marble is a highly popular metamorphic rock. At the initial stages, this was limestone yet with the time gone by, owing to the combination both of extreme heat and pressure, this limestone got re-crystallized. At the time of this process, this limestone attracts different foreign substances, thereby bringing different veining, colors, and textures in it. The Ambaji White Marble resembles human nature. Just as no two human beings are same similarly no two marbles will be alike. It's different uses are as follows,

1. It can be utilized on different surface areas of the bathroom such as the tub decks, flooring and shower walls. Besides, it can also be used for decorating the walls in the house like a wall furnishing, fireplace facings, kitchen platform or for pious surroundings in the Puja room.

2. It can be used for different purposes like the roofing, staircases, vanity tops and countertops. Such marble slabs appear excellent when it is applied to the house roofs, thereby making the roof appear flowery and different simultaneously. The Ambaji White Marble can be used even in the dining room to offer it with a happy and soothing surroundings. The best part about this variety of marble is that they have low water absorption and are weather resistant. It is a gorgeous marble stone having a brilliant white shade and has a remarkable export potential. Such natural stone possesses a great demand for both exterior and interior d├ęcor.

3. This variety of marble can be used in the staircases as well for making them appear elegant rather than boring and old. Besides, it can be used as a countertop in the kitchen for making them appear gorgeous as well as for monument articles and outdoor marble handicraft. White is one such shade that almost every person adores, no wonder Ambaji White Marble slabs are asked for at all times because it posses the ability to make the abode appear classy and pretty. It is the white pattern that is favored by all yet the matching in the interior needs to be done sensibly and wisely. The interior color in the house must be decided as per the color and texture of the slab.

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Marble stone and its wide array of uses in the contemporary age

Marble Stone and its wide array of uses in the contemporary age 

Marble is a natural substance that is beautiful to the eyes and thus used and favoured for years. This is a type of metamorphic rock which forms when limestone gets subjected to both extreme pressure and heat. The marble stone comes in different colours and appearances and is mined particularly from marble quarries and caves. Attractive and durable, this substance can very well stand up against the different elements and survive while upholding its look.

Marble stone and its different uses in the household 

The different uses of marble stone for household purposes are as follows –

Floors- marble floors are a personal favourite of the majority. It has been in trend for some thousands of years as well as continues to be in vogue. The marble stone is an emblem of sophistication and class. It can make a dull place look bright and lively. The good news is today this natural substance is available in different shades and finishes to cater the variegated needs.

Columns- nothing can beat a marble column. Adding columns made of marble in the front room or entrance of the home will make the home look really fashionable. To wow friends and family with gorgeous marble columns will boast of style and privilege.

Fountains- a luxurious and fun item is a marble fountain. The specialty of this natural substance is that it will not erode with water easily and will often time mimic the marble sculptures of the yester years. Simply add a marble fountain in the home garden and see how it stands out from the rest.

Marble Water fountains at S K Marble

Sinks- sinks made of marble are about fun. It will offer pleasure to the user. When it comes to its practical end, such sinks will not erode under water thereby making it a good material especially for bathrooms and kitchens.

Counters- counters made of marble are growing in popularity. In fact both a practical addition and a bold statement of fashion these counters will help in taking all the knife and heat marks without showing damage right away.

Walls- walls made of marble are revered by royalty as well as nobles. These may be either marble slab in their uninterrupted and natural splendour or broken into familiar squares which are cut especially for floors. The best part is it is susceptible to children’s crayons and is popular for being a low-maintenance solution.

Stairs- there cannot be anything more luxurious than stairs made of marble. The smooth edge and the soft look of marble will be something that people will envy. Marble stairs are the right merge of beauty and strength and will also cut down to the user’s cleaning time.

The bottom line is, only a handful of natural substances have many different uses as that of marble. Owing to its structure it has high polish which makes it highly sought after. Today marble comes in different attractive colours ranging from white, black, and green, yellow, red to blue-gray resting on the composition of the mineral. So what are you waiting for? Make your pick today. Talk to S K Marble team and choose the best options.